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A T-bone accident — where one vehicle striking another with significant force on either side — almost always causes serious damage and injury. The physical consequences for drivers and passengers can be devastating. In some cases, these side-impact collisions turn into multi-car crashes at intersections, or they cause an SUV, van, or Jeep rollover.

At The Paulsen Law Group, you will find Dunedin personal injury lawyers who are ready to quickly and thoroughly investigate your crash, determine fault, and protect your right to full and fair compensation. Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience dealing with all types of motor vehicle accidents. Furthermore, our firm has been a go-to resource for people in Pinellas County for nearly a decade.

Targeting Maximum Recovery for All of Your Damages

If you have any pain at all, get it checked out. Sometimes people initially believe they will be fine, but later realize they have neck, back, or other injuries that must be addressed. If you or a loved one has suffered head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, or other life-changing injuries, you can count on our lawyers to fight for compensation on your behalf.

Our Dunedin, Florida law firm focuses exclusively on personal injury claims, motor vehicle lawsuits, and insurance disputes. We have a full-time investigator on hand and easy access to experts who may prove critical in your case. These include experts such as professionals well-versed in crash reconstruction, physicians, economists, and life care planners, who may be able to help us document the full impact of a T-bone accident on your life and family.

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We target fast, fair settlements whenever possible after auto accidents. However, we spare no effort or resources in building your case for trial in the scenario that the insurance companies try to minimize your claim, as they often do.

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