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Proving Fault After a Car Accident


After suffering injury from a car accident, you may be required to prove the other driver was at fault by your insurance. If you choose to file a claim for your injuries, you will also have to prove fault or negligence as the cause of your injuries. In many cases, common sense can provide you with the answer. For example, if you were rear ended, common sense might tell you the driver that rear-ended you had been following too close or was not paying attention. In other accidents, it may not be entirely clear who is at fault, which is why our Clearwater car accident attorney has compiled a list of a few methods you could use to help you prove fault in your accident case.

Obtain a Police Report

Police usually arrive at the scene of a car accident, especially if they believe someone was injured. When the police arrive on the scene, they are required to file a police report of the incident as they see it. Police are trained detectives, meaning they can examine things like tire patterns, debris spread, and property damages to deduce how the accident occurred. They compile these findings in their police report, which you can and should obtain for your case.

Take Photos

If you have been involved in an accident, photos are the best way to provide evidence of what happened. Many people in the US have camera phones; if you are one of them use your phone to take photographs of the accident. Make sure to document any damage done to your car, the other cars, and any environmental damage. Environmental damage could be a fallen tree or power line caused by the accident. In addition to the property damages, you should also document any injuries you sustained in the crash.

Hire an Attorney

If you have been involved in an accident, proving fault can be difficult if the fault is not explicitly clear. Retaining an experienced Clearwater car accident attorney who can thoroughly investigate and analyze the details of your crash could greatly improve your chances of winning a settlement that can help cover the costs of your injuries.

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