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4 Common Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident


Commuting to and from work, picking up your children from school and running errands are all activities most Americans do using their cars. Driving is such a commonplace activity we often forget how often car accidents occur. In fact, during 2015 in Florida alone there were over 374,342 car accidents, an increase of almost 30,000 since the year prior. You are statistically likely to get into a car accident within your lifetime, which is why our legal team has created this blog. Keep reading for the four most common mistakes people make after a car accident so you can avoid making them yourself.

1. Forget to document the accident

Collecting evidence is crucial to proving your case, but unfortunately, many people are so overwhelmed by the initial shock of their accident they forget to take photos of write down what they remember. If you were in a car accident, make sure to take photos of the incident and write down what you can recall before the crash and what happened right after. If there are witnesses, make sure you gather their information as well.

2. Forget to seek medical attention

If they are able to get up and out of their car, many people forego heading to the doctor because they believe they are ok. This is a mistake. Often the adrenaline running through your body after the impact of the crash prevents you from feeling the full extent of your injuries. Many people decline medical treatment only to discover that days later they were seriously injured. The longer you wait to seek medical attention after your accident the easier it is for the insurance company to argue your injuries were caused by something else.

3. Admit fault

When you get into an accident, you never know how the other party will react. Some people might be angry, they might scream and yell, but no matter who you believe is at fault or not, it is important you do not admit fault to the accident. You might want to say you’re sorry, but do your best to refrain from saying anything that could be construed as you admitting fault.

4. Contact a Tampa Bay car accident attorney

Many people believe they don’t need an attorney in Florida due to the no-fault insurance laws. This could not be far from the truth. A skilled Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need for your injuries. Often, insurance companies try to pressure people into agreeing to settlements that are less than what they should be compensated. This is because insurance companies are often more preoccupied with saving money than protecting their insureds.

If you involved in a car accident and you were permanently injured, contact Paulsen Law Group for guidance regarding your options. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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