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Who Can Be Held Liable in a Negligent Security Case?


Negligent security claims are a niche but important part of premises liability law. When property owners fail to provide adequate security measures for their customers, it may be possible to file a negligent security suit. While there are multiple steps you must take to prove a property owner did not meet protective requirements in a negligent security claim before you can file a lawsuit, you must first know who you can sue. Read on to learn where to start with your negligent security case, and contact our Dunedin premises liability lawyers at Paulsen Law Group for experienced representation today.

Negligent Security: Who Can Be Held Accountable?

Under the broadest definition possible, negligent security claims can be filed against any business entity which is derelict in its duties to uphold the safety of its premises and deficient in its responsibility to protect the well-being of all patrons. When someone is injured, assaulted, raped, or killed in a public business establishment, it may be possible to hold that business responsible through a negligent security suit. For a negligent security suit to be successful, the plaintiff must be able to prove there was potential for injury at the premises in question, and those in charge of said premises failed to prevent it, thereby making them directly responsible for any harm the plaintiff suffered.

In some cases, it may also be possible to file a negligent security claim against a local municipality or government agency. These bodies also have an obligation to maintain the safety and security of the citizens they serve, and if they fail to do so, a skilled injury attorney may be able to hold them responsible in court.

Parties that may be found liable in a negligent security cases include:

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Event organizers
  • Outside security contractors
  • Local municipalities
  • Government agencies

Sadly, there are many common examples of negligent security which occur every day. Hotels, apartments, schools, offices, bars, nightclubs, parking garages and lots, and indoor and outdoor concert venues are all locations where it is possible to argue that the responsible parties were negligent in their obligation to provide adequate security.

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