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Lake Worth Man Arrested Following Boating Accident


Authorities are reporting that a manhunt led to the arrest of a man off the Lake Worth, Florida inlet last month, after he attempted to escape from the scene of a boating accident.

The boat operator, who’s being reported as a 47-year-old man from Delray Beach, is currently facing three misdemeanors for his role in the incident, which involved multiple parties. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (or FWC), officers received a call reporting a boating accident on the south side of the Lake Worth inlet on the night of December 30th. The officers communicated with the man, telling him to stay on the nearby jetty but away from the boat in question. Ten minutes later, when officers arrived at the scene of the accident, the man had fled. This prompted an hour-long manhunt by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, in conjunction with the West Palm Beach Police and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s helicopter eventually located the suspect hiding in mangrove shrubs in the surrounding area. After failing to listen to verbal commands from officers on the scene ordering him to surrender peacefully, the man was arrested when officers entered the mangroves. He was then charged with reckless operation of a vessel, resisting arrest without violence, and leaving the scene of the accident without notifying law enforcement and the other individual affected.

What to Do If You Have Been Injured in a Boating Accident

When boating accidents like the one which recently happened in Palm Beach County occur, it is important to hold all negligent parties responsible. Boat owners whose careless actions result in accidents and cause harm to other individuals can be named in a personal injury suit, and found liable for damages in a court of law.

You may be eligible for compensation following a boating accident if you are:

  • A boat operator who has suffered injury because of another boat operator
  • A swimmer who has suffered injury after being struck by a boat
  • A visitor or resident of a community who suffered injury as a result of a boat owner’s recklessness
  • A passenger on a boat who suffered injury due to the actions of an individual piloting the vessel you were aboard/another vessel on the water

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