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How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?


Whether you suffered an injury in a car collision or slip and fall accident, you will need money to pay for your medical expenses and cover your bills while you are out of work. If another party’s negligent actions caused your injury, they are responsible for paying your monetary damages.

At Paulsen Law Group, the most common question we are asked is “how much is my personal injury case worth?” In this article, we will address the factors involved in calculating personal injury damages.

Compensatory Damages in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury damages are often considered as “compensatory,” which means that the intention is to compensate the injured plaintiff for what was lost as a result of the accident or injury. Compensatory damages are meant to make the victim whole or complete again from a financial standpoint. The insurance adjuster or judge must determine a dollar figure on all the consequences of the accident.

The following are the various types of compensatory damages which are common in many personal injury cases:

  • Medical care. A personal injury claim almost always includes the cost of medical treatment with the accident, which is meant to reimburse the car you’ve already received and compensation for the estimated cost of medical treatment necessary for the future.
  • Loss of income. An accident may force a victim out of work, resulting in the need to compensate for salary and wages. Not only does it pertain to wages already lost, but also money that the victim would’ve been able to make in the future.
  • Property loss. If any property, such as vehicles or clothing, were damaged as a result of the accident, the victim will likely be entitled to reimbursement for repairs or compensation based on the value of the property that was lost.
  • Loss of consortium. These type of damages related to the impact the injuries have on the victim’s relationship with their spouse or children.
  • Loss of enjoyment. Damages for losing the ability to enjoy day-to-day activities, such as hobbies or exercising.
  • Emotional distress. Damages meant to compensate a victim for the psychological impact of an injury, such as anxiety, fear, and sleep loss.
  • Pain and suffering. Damages mean to compensate for pain and serious discomfort the victim suffered during the accident and in its immediate aftermath.

If you suffered a serious injury caused by a negligent party in Tampa Bay, FL, schedule a free consultation with Paulsen Law Group today.

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