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Liability When Unsafe Road Conditions Cause an Accident


Although car accidents are often caused by one or more drivers’ negligence, sometimes other factors may be to blame. Things such as a car manufacturer’s defect and negligent repairs can cause a vehicle to lose control and crash, and even unsafe road conditions may be to blame.

Unsafe road conditions can lead to car accidents by causing hazards such as potholes, inadequate signage or guardrails, uneven pavement, large cracks in the roadway, or uncleared debris. Other common road defects can include a lack of proper maintenance of roadway markings (for example avoiding faded lines or incorrect painting) and poor design features like blind spots and sharp curves.

When unsafe roads cause car accidents, the injured party may be able to seek compensation for damages, which include medical bills and other losses related to their injuries.

Who Is Liable When Unsafe Road Conditions Cause a Car Accident?

The party responsible for maintaining the road – which can be the city, county, or state – may be liable for car accident injuries that its unsafe condition causes. The parties responsible can also include private entities – such as engineers or contractors – who designed, constructed, or maintained the road.

Pursuing these entities for compensation is especially relevant if you were injured in a single-car accident caused by an unsafe road condition. Even when these hazards are present, however, other drivers may be liable for causing a car accident. For example, a driver can be liable for your injuries if they maneuvered or failed to maneuver around a road hazard such that their maneuver caused the collision.

Seek Guidance from an Experienced Attorney

The best way to determine liability in car accidents resulting from unsafe road conditions is by consulting a car accident attorney with experience in personal injury litigation. An experienced car accident attorney can review the details of the car crash, identify any signs of negligence related to maintenance or design of the roadway, and help you pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries and damages.

Remember: If you were injured in a car accident caused by an unsafe road condition, you may be able to seek financial recovery for your losses. A car accident attorney can help provide legal guidance and representation throughout this process. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer today and get answers to your questions about pursuing a car accident claim involving unsafe roads.

Paulsen Law Group Can Help with Your Claim

You deserve fair compensation for the damages you have suffered. With the help of our car accident lawyer at Paulsen Law Group, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that the party responsible for your car accident is held accountable.

Don’t wait—contact us today to learn more about legal options that may be available to you!

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