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Unexpected Springtime Driving Hazards


Though driving in the winter is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road, springtime can also pose significant hazards for unsuspecting drivers who do not know what risks to look out for. When the weather is warmer, many people feel they have the license to let their guard down and relax behind the wheel. This is why it is essential you stay on guard for various dangers associated with driving in the spring.

The next time you start your engine, remember these important tips:

  • Watch your surroundings. Better weather means more people are outside walking, bicycling, running, playing in the park, driving, and participating in other outdoor activities. Children playing in the streets and elderly pet owners walking their dogs may not see you when you are coming down the street, so make sure you drive carefully enough see them.
  • This spring season brings on countless exciting holidays, weekends, and reasons to celebrate. Even if you abstain from partying, others may indulge in drinking or drugs before getting behind the wheel. Stay sober, have a designated driver, and keep an eye out for dangerous drivers.
  • Many suffer from springtime allergies and need medication to function. This produces a very risky chance of some drivers being overly medicated and drowsy, while those who choose not to take medication must stave off inadvertently sneezing behind the wheel.

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