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Tampa Bay Among Areas in Florida with Highest Pedestrian Deaths


When considering the places in Florida with the most pedestrian accident deaths, the Tampa Bay area tops the list.

WFTS ABC Action News reported that at least one pedestrian in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties is hit by a car every single day. This statistic lands Hillsborough County at the fourth highest number of pedestrian deaths in the state of Florida, and Pinellas County at the seventh highest. With 17 pedestrian deaths in 2019, Hillsborough County has more than double the incidents as Pinellas County. Pasco County also has a high number of deaths resulting from pedestrian accidents, taking the number ten spot on the list.

The entirety Florida has a high number of pedestrian deaths in general — the incidents have accounted for an average of 21.5% of all traffic fatalities in the state consistently since 2011.

The Florida Department of Transportation has dedicated a significant amount of resources toward curving the state’s culture of pedestrian/driver aloofness that is contributing to these accidents, spending $9 million on the “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” initiative. The campaign aims to educate Florida residents on the dangers of jaywalking, and the importance of watching out for pedestrians while driving. FDOT hopes education about the issue will change Floridians’ attitudes about pedestrian accidents.

Meanwhile, police have been active in their citation of jaywalkers. Officers in Hillsborough County issued 79 tickets for the crime in 2018. Clearwater deputies did the same for 145 people who illegally crossed the street. Pinellas County Police gave out 24 citations and 899 “written warnings.”

Despite the efforts of the police and Florida DOT, Tampa Bay continues to be one of the state’s most dangerous areas for pedestrians.

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