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5 Apps to Prevent Cellphone Use While Driving


From texting friends and family to sharing your activities on social media, our cell phones have become an essential item in our everyday lives just like our wallet and set of keys. Unfortunately, we seem to be using them much too often, especially when behind the wheel.

Despite the well-known dangers and frightening statistics associated with distracted driving, many people still continue to use their cell phones while operating a vehicle. However, it is possible to turn your phone into an effective tool to prevent distracted driving, instead of causing it.

The following are five of the most popular apps which can help you keep your attention on the road:

  1. LifeSaver – This iPhone app deters distracted driving for families and commercial fleets alike. For parents, LifeSaver gives them the ability to block their child’s cell phone access while driving and sends a notification when they arrive safely at their destination. Commercial fleet managers can use the app to monitor their driver’s actions during shipments.
  2. AT&T Drive Mode – This app mutes all incoming notifications and sends auto-reply messages to anyone who texts you, alerting them that you are currently driving. As soon as the vehicle begins the moving, the app automatically switches on. Parents can set up alerts if their child changes the app settings or deactivates it. AT&T Drive Mode is available for both iPhone and Android users.
  3. SafeDrive – Not only does this iPhone app disable texting while driving, but it also rewards drivers for doing it. Once a user drivers over six miles per hour, SafeDrive will automatically start rewarding points that can be used toward discounts at participating retailers. However, if you cave in and access your phone, you will lose the points you earned during the trip.
  4. It Can Wait – If you are not convinced distracted driving is a bad idea, It Can Wait is a virtual reality driving simulation which demonstrates the serious consequences of using your cell phone while behind the wheel. Sometimes people just need to see it to believe it.
  5. On My Way (OMW) – If you are about to embark on a road trip, you can download this app to avoid having to constantly update your friends and family of your whereabouts while driving. OMW allows you to share your trip with anyone who wishes to follow your journey and also receive a notification when you safely arrive at your destination.

Whether you download one or more, using these safe-driving apps is a great way to drive without distractions. Use your phone as a weapon against texting while driving and avoid accidents, injuries, and worse.

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