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Bicycle "Dooring" Accidents


One of the most common types of accidents bicyclists experience is a dooring collision. Dooring occurs when a driver or passenger exits a vehicle and opens a door into the pathway of a moving bicycle.

A bicyclist is then forced to either swerve into traffic to avoid the swinging door or face a dangerous collision. Running into a vehicle door can result in serious injuries.

Liability in a Florida Dooring Accident

Determining who is liable for a dooring accident can be quite challenging since both sides often have arguments to justify their actions and prove their innocence. Cyclists typically argue that they were traveling at a safe distance away from parked cars and at the legal speed limit while staying away from traffic. Motorists may contend that they looked before opening their door, but the cyclist appeared out of nowhere.

In most cases, however, the motorist who opens the car door that strikes the cyclist is the one who is at fault for the accident. Since the state law forbids drivers from opening their door unless it is safe to do so, these collisions are often the result of their negligence in failing to properly ascertain whether or not it was safe to open their door. However, it can depend on whether the bicyclist was traveling at an unsafe speed.

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