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Posting Your Injury on Social Media is a Bad Idea


Social media has become ingrained in our daily lives and enables us to stay connected with friends and family, network professional, keep updated with current events, and share your experiences with the world. According to a 2015 report by the Pew Research Center, approximately 65 percent of adults log into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter—a number which has undoubtedly risen today.

When it comes to a personal injury claim, however, sharing any sort of information about an injury could jeopardize a case. So if you suffer an injury, you might want to think twice before sharing your injury on social media.

The following are common ways social media can have a negative impact on your case:

  • “I’m okay” posts – After an accident, people often log onto their social media accounts in order to post a quick message to let others know that you’re fine and safe. Unfortunately, insurance companies may view this as a sign that your injuries are not as serious as you have claimed, enabling them to either reduce your settlement or deny your claim altogether.
  • Pictures and tags – Whether it’s a ball game or a concert, we all love to share our experiences throughout social media. However, taking a picture or tagging yourself in an event may show insurance companies that you are not suffering or losing the enjoyment of your life.
  • Comments from friends – Friend’s comments asking you how you feel may appear innocent enough, but answering them can put your claim at risk.

So when it comes to using social media after an injury, it is wise to avoid using these platforms until your case has concluded. Ask your friends and family to avoid tagging you as well.

If you suffered an injury in Florida that was caused by a negligent party, contact our Dunedin personal injury attorney at Paulsen Law Group today.

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