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Safety Tips for Holiday Road Trips


With the holidays approaching, many families start to make their holiday travel plans. If you and your family are planning to take a road trip this year to see friends, family for the holidays, you might want to check out these safety tips from our Clearwater injury attorney.

  • Consider a rental – If you are planning to travel great distances this holiday season, you might think driving your own car is the best option. If your family owns an older vehicle, driving long distances can put unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle. This year, consider renting a newer, more reliable vehicle capable of traveling the long distances. Renting a larger SUV or van could create a more comfortable environment for your family to travel in, especially if the rental vehicle offers screens for movies or other entertainment.
  • Plan your route and share it – Before the day of your trip, plan your route. Make a mental note of where rest stops and gas station are so you don’t wind up on the side of the road calling AAA for a gallon of gas. Share your route with your family or friends, so they know where you should be along the way. If you are traveling over a few days and staying in hotels, give your family the name and locations of the hotel. This way, if you do not check in for the night, they will know something went wrong.
  • Block out travel times – Driver fatigue is very real. Some studies have shown that driving while tired is just as dangerous as driving while drunk. Before you embark on your holiday road trip to grandma’s house, schedule how long you plan to drive and block out shorter pieces of time. The maximum amount of time you should be driving per day is 10 hours, less if you are traveling with small children.

From Paulsen Law Group, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday season. If you are traveling and you or your family member is injured by a negligent driver, you could be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries. Give us a call to schedule your consultation.

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