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What Are the Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries?


No matter what type of industry you are working in, the workplace can have opportunities for an employee to become injured—even office workers are susceptible. An unfortunate statistic was released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, reporting that more than 4, 000 workers were killed on-the-job in 2014, with contractors accounting for about 17 percent of those fatalities.

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What Is Employer Accountability?

Are there steps that employers should take to protect their employees? Whether or not you realize this, employers do have the duty of providing a safe working environment to their workers. Unfortunately, there are many ways that they violate this duty. This may be due to a lack of warnings or safety guidelines to protect workers.

In 2015, OSHA reported these are the most frequent workplace injuries:

  • Falls from heights on construction sites
  • Injuries due to poor communication on hazards in the workplace
  • Lack of safety and monitoring on scaffolding
  • Lack of protection to prevent respiratory illness
  • Failure to control hazardous or toxic energy
  • Accidents from industrial trucks
  • Ladder accidents on construction sites
  • Electrical injuries
  • Machinery injuries
  • Injuries due to poor electrical design

It does not matter what type of work injury you sustained—the fact of the matter is that an accident occurred, and you have been hurt. It will take some thorough investigation into the matter, but this is a challenge that our Tampa Bay personal injury lawyers are ready to take. We can help you determine how your employer was responsible for the incident and hold them accountable.

The process begins with requesting workers’ compensation to recover the damages lost from being unable to work and treating your medical needs.

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Understanding that workplace accidents are tied to employer negligence, we can investigate into the matter to determine what role each factor played. This is how we strive to obtain the maximum possible recovery for our clients. If you were injured on the job, do not hesitate to contact our Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys to discuss your legal options.

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