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Common Types of Bike Collisions with Cars


Bicycles are a great way to travel to work, get around on college campuses or to enjoy a leisurely ride. However as common as cycling is, it can be dangerous. While many cyclists are careful on the road, other drivers are not always as cautious.

Common Types of Bike Accidents with Automobiles

A large percentage of auto related bike accidents happen in intersections and pulling out of driveways. It’s here where speed limits are higher or drivers may be paying less attention to their surroundings.

The Right Hook: This accident has been termed the “right hook” since it happens when a car strikes a cyclist while attempting to turn right. Auto drivers may believe they have sufficient room to safely turn in front on a cyclist when in fact they do not. In more negligent cases, a driver may not have checked their blind spot and turn blatantly in front of a rider.

The Door Prize: Most commonly referred to as the “door prize,” this accident occurs between a cyclist and a parked car. Without first checking the bike lane, negligent drivers or passengers might open their doors causing a hazard for oncoming bikers. Unfortunately this can happen without enough time for a rider to react, resulting in injury.

The Right Cross: Similar to the “right hook” the right cross happens when a car turns out of a parking lot, alley or any other similar driveway cutting off or striking an oncoming biker. These driveways can pose more a risk to cyclists since visibility can be reduced and drivers are more likely to pull out without looking.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike collision involving a vehicle our Clearwater car accident attorneys are here to help. Contact the Paulsen Law Group for a free consultation.

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