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Eighteen-wheeler commercial trucks, also known as big rigs, are heavy vehicles. On the road, they are imposing and command a large presence. Because of their size and their functions as transportation and cargo-carrying vehicles that companies use, they also require regular maintenance. Without this, it is possible that the driver could lose control or worse yet, cause an accident and harm to another driver.

Most truck accidents caused by failure to maintain can be prevented. Because of negligence, especially if the trucking company was negligent in ensuring its trucks were safe to take the road, others sustain injuries. You have the right to seek compensation—that is why you should contact Paulsen Law Group as soon as possible.

Examples of Failure to Maintain

Without the proper maintenance, there are many ways a big-rig truck could be affected. It may involve anything from engine problems. For example, commercial trucks are required to have reflector tape on the vehicles, which gives drivers in other vehicles a better visibility of the truck, especially at night. When these reflectors are dirty, worn out, or missing, it could lead to an accident.

Other examples failing to maintain the vehicle:

  • Braking failure
  • Failing to inspect lights, reflectors, brakes, or parts
  • Exceeding mileage or hourly limits

When a truck accident occurs, this prompts an investigation from the DOT to determine the cause. As Tampa Bay truck accident lawyers, we acknowledge that the government’s investigation is vital. At the same time, we make sure to conduct our investigation so that we can filter out the facts of the matter. We do everything in our power to ensure that your injury claim adequately represents the extent of your injuries.

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If you have been injured in a truck accident, and you believe that it was due to failure maintain the truck, we urge you to contact our Tampa Bay truck accident attorneys at Paulsen Law Group. You may be entitled to receive compensation for injuries, matter how minor or severe, as well as other expenses related to your accident.

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